Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Alphabet For Raising 'Fantasy' Boys

Doing this list was quite challenging because it kept growing longer and longer. Also, quite a few good authors have emerged in the last 10 years or so. Should they then be considered here or in a 'New' list? Should the fella who writes heroic fantasy be lumped in that list for 'Genres'?

In any case, the guidelines are the same. If they are popular, have been well peer reviewed and commended and have a strong fan base, then they are in. Many authors who have made it to this list I notice not only write as a profession but they actually persevere at it. An author's success speaks of good prose as well as dedicated output. And fantasy books tend to come in serial form (a trilogy is a piece of cake!), sometimes very long like Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Note: To view the charts clearer, right click over them and choose "Open link in new window." That will allow you to zoom in as well.

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